We've just had our yearly Daffodil Show and what a spectacular display it was again! The quality and number of the daffodils every year is astounding and we hope it continues again next year! Well done to all the winners!

10am - 1pm (Staging)
2pm - 4pm (Easter 'Egg'stravaganza and Daffodil Show viewing)
4:30pm - 6:30pm (Children's Disco) 

Class 1: Vase of three, any / or one variety
Class 2: Vase of one, any variety
Class 3: Vase of one, "Show Special"*
Class 4: Vase of one any double
Class 5: Vase of one any miniature
Class 6: Vase of one, any variety; child under 14
Class 7: Vase of one, any variety; Village resident

* Daffodil bulbs for the "Show Special" sold on Show Weekend.